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Aggregate Planning

My Profile


Alberto N. Tamayo III

Personal Data:
 Name: Alberto N. Tamayo III
 Sex: Male
 Age: 18
 Date of Birth: June 19, 1987
 place of birth: Marikina city
 Color of hair: black
 Color of eyes: brown
 E-mail address:
 Father's Name: Alberto Tamayo Jr.
 Mother' Name: Lourdes Tamayo
 Hobbies: Playing Basketball, Watching t.v.,Surfing the net, Playing Online Games and Chatting with my chatmates
 Special Skills: Dancing and Dancing Only
Educational Background:
 Elementary: Concepcion Elementary School
 High School: Marikina High School

"The Name"

   On June 19, 1987, a child was born in Marikina City. The name of this child was next to his father.  
  As time goes on, the child grew into a bright, wonderful and talented student.  
  He studied first in Concepcion Elementary School and during his high school in Marikina High School where in he and his group won the 1st prize in danced competition. The named of his group was Adelfa Clan Stampede.
  Now, he is bonifide 3rd year student of Polytechnic University of the Philippines. His class was started at 7:30 a.m. and his first subject was Jerome Dumlao. this Professor thought him all about Production and Operation Management and so on. The important of all his Professor thought to him was making a website that had have the information all about Aggregate Planning assigned to them. It must been made by only  3 person including him. So before they made a website, they planned first. After planning, they started making the web in order to passed the subject of their Professor..............
  The name of this child was ................................Alberto N. Tamayo III. (hehehehehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

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