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Aggregate Planning

Inventory Production Planning



Inventory Planning is a fast and easy way to track, predict and control the growing process for nursery and greenhouse companies.  

Production Planning assumes items are made from other items and can be sold after a time delay. Orders can be taken against the planned inventory immediately. A schedule of activities can be created can be created for any time period. The number of days in this production cycle can be varied by season. Historical yields help to determine what must be planted to produce a given quantity of salable items. Portions of a crop can be set aside for future growth. Plans pass from one item through the next through the inventory.

This very complex process can be managed very well with Production Planning. Inventory is reserved and released as a plan progressed through its availability stages. The dynamic nature of your inventory is clearly presented for your personnel to manage. Even components and capacity requirements are supported. Manufacturing systems theory was used in the creation of this application. Production Planning Interfaces with Order Entry, Inventory and other UDS Applications. 

Crop Note Capability (limited)

Time Line Inventory Report

Crop Schedules

Product Cycles

Season Support

Product Projections

Forward & Backward Plans

Component Inventory Consumption and/or Recovery

Plan History

Capacity Support

Activity List Report

Automatic Completion of Plan Activities

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