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Aggregate Planning



Why LRP: Long Range Planning?

    Long Range Planning is the leading international journal in the field of strategic management. It features original articles which aim to influence the behaviour of senior managers, administrators and academics in order to bridge the gap between academia and practice.

Practitioners find us topical and relevant

    LRP has a large print run and a very large accessibility via the web. It is circulated to the members of the Strategic Planning Society, one of the largest of its kind in the world as well as all major academic and corporate libraries. In 2003 our articles were downloaded from the web more than 120,000 times.

Our academic reputation is outstanding.

    We are on all the major search engines. The Strategic Management Journal recently ranked LRP above Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, California Management Review and Academy of Management Executive for its influence on the field of management. (A. Tahai and M.J. Meyer "A Revealed Preference Study of Management Journal's Direct Influence" (March 1999) Strategic Management Journal vol. 20 291, Table 4.)
    W. Starbuck, of NYU Stern School, who is an expert on rankings, also rated LRP in the top twenty of all management journals.

Our contributors

    Include many of the best known strategy writers such as C.K Prahalad, David Teece, Ikujiro Nonaka, Ray Miles, Charles Snow, Philip Kotler, Ian McMillan, John Seeley Brown, and younger authors, including doctoral students, all with important and interesting things to say. We have contributions from all the Triad regions to keep you in touch with global developments in strategy.




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